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But now I'm hung over


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9:58 AM Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I'm just a man, not a hero. just a boy who wanna sing his song.

after my last month's interview. MJ's snapshot!(:

; I don't wan't Chef, I wan't money .

A week at marche was a rush hour.

cooking while serving customer at the same time its hard. what i know, marche taught me how to be proactive and fast. i've been observing everyday. totally opened concept,
i even do mise en place infront customers. <---- not cool.

to Junie : yay, thumps up!
to Liyin : heyo hotstuff:D

rest needed.

5:55 AM Monday, February 1, 2010
This ship is taking me far away, far away from my memories.


Working is my main priorities, mind set that for now.

Im bloody busy. am really feeling the heat of working world. trying my best to fight againts all odds. espicially in terms of timing.
2months working at st.regis hotel is a good experience, i really get along with the lads there. therefore, im looking forward to continue working while serving my internship.

9am to 5pm at marche, 6pm to 12pm at st.regis(rare).
" LORD, please give me strength "


to Syuadah : haha. thanks for tagging. shall changed ure name:D
to Iiqah : and mind, body and soul. that too:D
to Yayaonnah : hey thanks:D
to Syaff : thanks, linked u too:D
to Grace : thanks yaw:D
to Junie : heyhey, thanks:D
to iirahh : hey, thanks yaw ^^V
to Bloghopper : lol. me and shatec friends though. thanks anyway:D
to Hassanah : thanks for treating me pastamania. very nice:D

goodnight lads.

8:41 AM Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Even when your hope is gone, move along.

good old monday.
hell lot wednesday.

; Its a hard decision.

as you can see here. i got three interviews in one week.
all of them turns out good, and thank god i could answer all questions. all i have is just waiting and decide which one im looking forward to.

likewise, i got my shatec mates supporting me. waiting for me after my interview to chill out somewhere.
thanks guys, you make my day(:

- dine at pastamania ( first time )
- ardy and rakinah treat me for that, thanks mates(:
- chill at waterfront and memorial glorious dead, camwhoring^^

- collect salary at st.regis hotel with rakinah
- went to see bernice at marche, and take a tour around it.
- guitar hero-ing at cathay cineleisure with syawal,bernice,adredna,rakinah,htut. and IT WAS FUN, PLAN AGAIN GUYS:D

- interview at marche
- work at st. regis hotel
- 3 days straight :/

Dear Tagger's :D

to Diyanah : hey, thanks yaw ^^V
to Nurasiah : yeah, trying me best too :D
to Atikah : relinked(:
to Dancingsheeps : chia lat? lol. thanks(:
to Rakinah : haha, thanks mate :D
to Nurul Affiqah : thanks you! no, i'd rather be the red devils! haha
to Hassanah : graaawwwwrrr, sorry a hundred times! haha. and thank you(:
to Ice : thanks alot, sure thing. all e best to u too:D
to DCS109011 : sial nye ezhaurul, haha. anyways thanks man(:
to Guest : who ever you are, thanks for the encouragement yea :D
to Ah Jun : yeah, still searching for one until now :/
to Yan : haha, all time favourite song in sec 3!

holla :DDDDDDD

11:36 PM Friday, January 15, 2010
I've seen a vision of my life and i wanna be delivered.


; Patience do help, its a matter of luck.

Firstly, i wan't to congratulate some of my shatec friends that just got their internship recently.

after 5 bloody weeks. finally got a reply email from Manchester United Bar & Restaurant. I must talk myself more often in the mirror, get my ass clean for monday interview. so that's it, im really up for this. My dream intern, if i never get this. i'll be hanging myself on the noose.

wish me luck guys :D

8:01 AM Tuesday, January 12, 2010
The footsteps that were next to me have gone their seperate ways.


My new year's resolution.

hmm. expecting 2010 to be more nicer to me.

besides, im super busy nowadays.
im pissed off, i never get any internship until now. got to clear off my make ups first at school.
but lucky me, at least i'll get some cash from st.regis hotel though.
& still waiting for san marco saint pierre, manchester pub and millenium hotel for reply. dammit

am gonna miss my cool shatec mates!
bernice, ardy, adredna, farhan, rakinah, and plus2
all the best for ure intern yaw ^^V

reply to taggers

Zeeus : thanks for that man, i owe u bro. haha(:
Ur mom : OK
Missy Aishah : thanks
Azmi : thanks
Tiie : haha, okays.
Damian : thanks man. you too find a better place yea(:
Iiqah : you too, long time nvr chat(:
Iirahh : you're relinked already(:

so long.

10:45 AM Sunday, December 27, 2009
The drugs won't work, they just make you worse.


The pain part III

St. Regis Hotel was a tough test, it was an exposure plus challenging. & a good experience after all (:

In terms of work flow. everything was rushing, firefirefirefirefire! (kitchen style)
Everyone were running madly.
just imagine 500 pax each fortnight. im trying my best not to jeopardise it.

bloody tired, can feel my bones aching from the past few weeks. somewhat my mindset gone haywire after that.
well, welcome to the kitchen world. i've wanted this anyway. haha

rest needed (:

8:21 PM Sunday, December 13, 2009
I must be strong to carry on .



After 12 hell drama months in shatec.
i personally feel how satisfied i am despite some hard times/missunderstandings and conflicts. its been great, term 1 was the best moment ever. where all of us get to break some ice. plan outings to sentosa & played soccer together was our bonding moments.
not forgetting, our loving chef clearence and our cutting/cooking skills. its been a great ride,
so yeah, time flies so fast. thats what they say.

my results is still invading my nightmare, i need to concentrate on my internship for now. &
im dying, dying to go to Manchester United F&B restaurant.

DCS 109 B,
all the best of luck for internship. may you all be successful (:

Tagger's :]

to Deryana : alrights.
to Ice : damn right. and bbq was great! & all the best yaw(:
to Gavin : ManU always play vehveh good one da(: & sv is currently no more. haha
to F : liverpool is loserfool and stupid bloodyfool! gahgahgah(:
to Nursyahirah : OK
to Ah Jun : i won't do that man, comon. i still a virgin! *evil laugh* kidding da(:
to Bernice : just expressing sorry abt ure sad pract exam ler. haha(:
to K11 : please lah htut, if like that, i'll be RF5 (((((((((((:
to Ezharul Solihyn : no worries la bro, im sure liverpool can balek kampong. hehe^^
to Nurasiah : alrights, ure linked too :D
to Syakirah : thanks yaw. hahaha :D

& Overnight bbq was great, despite us being like a couple of the night. lol.
Ardy, thanks for buddy-ing our days at shatec dude. those crazy stuffs, i won't forget that man. lets call it an awesome day aites. (: